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Birth Month Flowers


January Birth Flower

The Carnation is the January birth flower. Carnations have been cultivated for the last 2,000 years. Originally from the East, these hardy and fragrant flowers have the flower meaning of pride, beauty, fascination, love and distinction. They are now associated with January as the January birth flower.



February Birth Flower

The February birth flower is the Iris. The warm, deep color of the Iris is a harbringer of the luxuries of spring, as we know February has long been a month known for romance and love. The Iris comes a few colors including cool blue and snowy white, remembrances of winter. The Iris flower meaning are faith, wisdom, and hope. The Iris is a beautiful and meaningful gift. An alternate February birth flower is the violet.



March Birth Flower

The Daffodil is the March birth flower. Daffodils have the flower meaning of rebirth, respect, regard and unrequited love. The Daffodil is one of the first flowers of spring, therefore it is a symbol of rebirth. The March birth flower, Daffodil, is the common English name for all Narcissus plants.



April Birth Flower

The April birth flower is the daisy. Daisies are associated with innocence. The Gerbera Daisy has large colorful blooms, which has made it a favorite with flower lovers. There is a legend that a nymph wanting to escape unwanted attention, transformed herself into the Daisy. Ever after this the April birth flower has the flower meaning of implicity and modesty. An alternate birth flower for April is the Sweet Pea.


May Birth Flower

May birth flower is the Lily of the Valley. The Lily of the Valley has the flower meaning of humility, chastity, sweetness and purity. The delicate white blossoms of the Lily of the Valley bloom snugly between the broad leaves. This May birth flower is a wonderfully fragrant and beautiful plant. The alternate May birth flower is the Lily of any variety.



June Birth Flower

The Rose is the June birthflower. Rose is known as the flower of passion as the ancient Greeks believed that Aphrodite the goddess of love gave a Rose to Eros the god of love. Roses have many flower meanings according to their color and number of Roses in a bouquet. All Roses symbolize love and appreciation though.



July Birth Flower

The Larkspur is the July birth flower. It means lightness and levity. The Larkspur is a tall flower and is a variety of Delphinium. It is a prized cut flower and flowers between June and September. It is poisonous to livestock.



August Birth Flower

The Gladiolus is the August birth flower. These flowers look like a sword with their tall stalks, hence their being named after the gladiators. The Gladiolus is a beautiful cut flower and one of the most attractive garden flowers. There are 255 species of Gladiolus. The Gladiolus flower means remembrance.



September Birth Flower

Aster is the September birth flower. In ancient times, it was believed that burning aster leaves would drive away evil snakes. Asters have a flower meaning of patience and dantiness. Aster is Latin for star which is referring to the flower's star shape. Aster is closely related to the Chrysanthemum. The Aster is considered the other classic autumn flower besides the Chyrsanthemum.


October Birth Flower

Marigold, also called Calendula, is the October birth flower. Sometimes called "summer bride" or "husbandmans dial," because it’s flower head follows the sun. The Marigold's flower meaning is "winning grace." Once considered the most sacred of flowers, in India it was placed around the necks of holy statues.



November Birth Flower

The chrysanthemum is the November birthflower. The Chrysanthemum means compassion, friendship and secret love. This flower can be red, white or yellow. Chrysanthemums have been grown by the Chinese for over 2,000 years. This flower is also a symbol of the sun. Chrysanthemum was named after the Greek word which means gold flower.


December Birth Flower

The Paperwhite Narcissus is the December birth flower. Legend states that after Narcissus died, Apollo turned him into the flower Narcissus. Paperwhites are grown from bulbs and are native to the Mediterranean. They are very fragrant flowers and are frequently given as gifts at Christmas.


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